Desmon is a solar PV project developer. Our mission is designing, building and/or operating solar electric energy facilities – large or small. In our vision, Desmon is dedicated to applying the most cost effective and proven technologies to electric energy production with focus on recovery of renewable energy sources. Desmon’s guiding principle is to value integrity and commitment to our world community and the protection and preservation of earth’s environment. Desmon believes in being a responsive and professional organization. Our staff are committed to creating value added products and services, and through their endeavors, reflect the values of civility, respect, integrity and individual responsibility.


Energy Industry Background

America’s voracious demand for energy shows no signs of abating anytime soon. The U.S. burns through 20 million barrels of oil per day and is projected to use 28.3 million barrels per day by 2025, which will result in double the amount we import. The total energy use of petroleum, natural gas, nuclear and renewables is projected to increase 38% by 2025. Spencer Abraham, the Secretary of Energy to President George W. Bush, has predicted that America’s growing electric power needs can be met only if we build between 1,300 and 1,900 new power plants by 2025! For solutions, scientists are going back to basics – to the sun, wind and bio-mass.

 Most estimates place a 50-year cap on the fossil fuel age before the supplies dwindle; our consumption on a worldwide level becomes too high, forcing the prices into a vicious upward spiral. In fact recent data indicate the the mid-east and Mexico oil fiels have peaked recently and are in production decline. As commonly known, our society must continue to more forward with cost-effective renewable alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, thermal, etc. “We’re going to need everything we can get from biomass, everything we can get from solar, everything we can get from wind,” says Michael Pacheco, director of the National Bioenergy Center, part of the National Renewable Energy Laboratories (NREL) in Golden, Colorado.

 Sunlight, wind and biomass are powerful, renewable – and often overlooked – sources of energy. For example, in 2003 the United States generated about 4 trillion kWh of electricity. Present day renewable technologies could generate this total amount of electricity in 104 km2 – which is only 3 percent of the area of Arizona! Furthermore global carbon dioxide levels are rising at the rate of 1.5 to 3 ppm per year as a result of fossil fuel burning. By the end of the century they are expected to reach 970 ppm, which is nearly triple the historic values of 200-300 ppm!

 Not only the world, but also our country in particular must make a major commitment to readily available, cost competitive, sustainable, non-polluting alternative energy sources. Photovoltaic power through solar collectors is one highly promising avenue. The biggest challenge will be lowering the price of renewables. Electricity produced from panels of solid silicon detectors historically has the highest sales price of 17-18 cents per kWh. Compare to 4-6 cents for coal-fired electricity, 5-7 cents for power produced by natural gas, and approximately 7 cents for nuclear power.

 Desmon’s technology combining solar and photonic fields has the opportunity to revolutionize the use of solar power reducing it’s cost of electricity to 6-8 cents, competitive with nuclear and fossil fueled power plants. There are many unique advantages of this proprietary approach that ultimately result in reduced plant start-up costs, reduced maintenance, increased efficiency and effective solar collection.